Every artist dream is to have their artistic work go up for sale in renowned major auction houses and and resulting into subsequent changes in their bank account balances. In the end, the artist has achieved the most elusive dream, financial stability, and the ability to auction on the international markets. Indeed, it seems fun selling art at auctions.

Breaking into selling art at auctions

For your art to stand a chance to be accepted for auction, an artist should be represented by at least one gallery, good online following, consistently favorable reviews on websites and publications, a better solid collector base, consistent history of sales and should have a level of consensus from art professionals. Without the above, it’s hard for one’s art to be considered. Therefore, one should try to attain some of the above i.e., create a website and an online platform to advertise their art or use social media to publisize their art.

How to sell art as a collector

To sell art online the very first step is to make your art retail-ready. At this stage line up the required documents. These documents include; the artist’s name, appraisals, and dimensions that can be exported from the artist’s Artwork Archive inventory collection. This information is very crucial as it is used by the auction house or dealer to outline commission and promotion costs. The following are the steps that will follow; discover potential buyers, sell through the auction house, sell in a gallery, understand the contract, and choose the right contractor.

How to sell art online

With integrated technology in the recent past, actions are also being done online. This makes it easy for artists to showcase and sell their art online. 

For one to sell art online, he/ she should built their own e-Commerce website where they can post their art. One’s art  can also be sold on a marketplace and crafts like Etsy. This can also be done on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

In conclusion, an artist apart from perfecting their art should ensure that they stay competitive to win huge bids at auctions. To achieve this, they can promote their art through social media platforms, and ask for platforms in the museum where they can showcase their artwork. They can also create a website where they can build a gallery for their artwork. With all these, artists will find it charming to sell art at auctions.

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