Over half of the online stores in the web are using Shopify. It has the most powerful tools for customization and efficient running of your online store. Wondering what are the Shopify services and set up process involved for your online store? Then you are in the right place. Let us dive into it. 

Shopify services 

Shopify offers subscription based software with the ability to set up online stores. Their user interface is friendly and you can easily navigate it even when you are a newbie. They also give you access to the website code that you can improve with HTML, JavaScript or CSS if you have the skills to do so. You can also hire a developer to do it on your behalf. 

  1. Themes 

They have thousands of themes ranging from free to paid ones to keep your store lively. You get a chance to customize the theme to your own liking. You get to brand your store just how you like it.  

  1. Plugins 

Shopify offers various plugins to help easily customize your store. With thousands of plugins (either free or subscription based) you can easily automate your store and give it a number of behaviors with just a click. This gives your website a nice feel and lively for the users. 

  1. Drop shipping 

Furthermore, you can dropship products with Shopify. This is by far the most used feature on Shopify. Shopify offers a number of plugins for drop shipping and specific themes have also been solely made for this. Drop shipping has a number of Shopify services and set up process is short and to the point. 

Set up process 

  1. Create an account and set up the domain 

First off, you need to create a Shopify account after which you choose your store name. The name will be part of the your store’s domain with it being the subdomain while Shopify being the main domain. This will be so until you replace the domain with your own domain in Settings. 

  1. Choose theme and customize 

You then need to choose a theme for your store. The store will always have a default theme with the gray colour. As stated earlier you can replace it with your own theme from the theme store. You then customize your theme by choosing the fonts and your preferred colours. 

  1. Install plugins 

To automate your store, you have to set up the necessary and relevant extensions. This will also allow you to receive payments and monetize your store. You connect your payment options to enable you to receive payments. 

  1. Add products 

Using the relevant  plugins, you can add products to your online store. Here you get to edit the title, the description and images for your products. 

Nevertheless, it should be understood that on this platform you can sell physical items, virtual products and even services. 

In conclusion, Shopify is a great tool for ecommerce’s future. It has a welcoming interface that is easy to navigate and the Shopify services and set up process can easily be comprehended. The future of online stores is defined by how well Shopify is run. This article then outlines the necessary process to follow to set up and run a successful online store. 

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