In sleep, we get to rest. How then can you handle an intruder in your bed who takes your peace and comfort? Bed bugs are the most annoying insects that intrude into your house and most especially at night. Annoyingly, the insect loves to invade the most favorable room in your house where you should be getting plenty of rest and comfort. 

How Then Can You Effectively Get Rid Of The Annoying Insect? 

Before, most people associated bed bugs with untidiness. However, that is not the case. Bed bugs can invade in the cleanest house in town. 

Why Is It Difficult To Totally Eliminate Bed Bugs? 

  • It is worth noting that bed bugs are stubborn and not easy to eradicate. This is because of the fact that they hibernate during the day and they are very active at night. 
  • One single bed bug can lay up to 5 eggs in a day. Their eggs hatch in between 6 – 10 days. 
  • Bed bugs can stay for a long time without feeding. 
  • They have a life span of 2 to 4 months.  

What Then Is The Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment Option? 

  1. First you need to identify their breeding area. In most cases, bed bugs will hide in dark areas like at the folds of a mattress, at the corners of the doors and windows, cracks, and at the edges. 
  1. The most effective way to control them will be to call a fumigation company to help you eliminate them. 
  1. If you are the one treating them, remove any item that cannot be treated and cover them with a plastic bag to prevent the insect from spreading to other areas of the house. 
  1. Bed bugs like to hide in mattresses. Check your mattress and if the insects are highly infested, you can dispose of the mattress by covering it with a plastic bag then label it “Bed bug” to protect the sanitary workers. 
  1. A bed bug mattress cover will help you to prevent the bed bugs from overspreading. 
  1. For the garments which have been infested on by the bed bugs, wash and dry them in a washing drier  with a high heat of above 120 degrees F. bed bugs die when they come into contact with hot steam or water.  
  1. For best bed bug treatment, use aerosol spray labeled for bed bug treatment to spray your mattress. The mattress should be sprayed completely until its dump. Dry the mattress outside before you use it again. 
  1. Remember to buy a bed bug proof mattress cover after the treatment to prevent infestation.  
  1. In areas where pesticides cannot be used, use hot steam to eliminate the bed bugs. 
  1. For room treatment, use insecticides labeled for bed bug treatment. Spray on the dark area of the room especially at the corners of the windows and doors, on the bed and any other area they might have infested. Don’t forget to read the instruction given in order to use the right ratio of the water that should be used to dilute the pesticide. 
  1. Repeat the bed bug treatment options regularly or until you are sure they are completely eradicated. 

Final Tips 

  • Always check your mattress before changing your beddings. Early detection of the bed bugs will prevent overspreading. 
  • Always be cautious especially when you visit hotels. Check the mattress, bed cracks and dressers before you can use them. 
  • Anytime you visit a place you think might be infested, use the bed bug treatment options above to treat your traveling garments to prevent bringing the unexpected visitor to your home.    

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